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Ricky Cortez - Your Tech Guru

Ricky Cortez’s unique theatre background as an actor, director, and choreographer gives him a creative approach and great attention to detail. He managed the top level On-Site techs at Tekserve and Volchok Consulting in NYC, working with individuals and clients like NBC, JWT and a long list of nonprofits.  As Director of Technology at O.W.N. Charter School  IT Manger of Witness he has learned how to put the power of technology in your hands at the most affordable cost available.

Ricky will not only make sure your tech environment is up to date and optimized, he will make sure you understand what is going on and how to deal with anything that may come up while you are working on your next project.

Specialized Creative Solutions


★   A wide range of product and app integration — from trainer to individuals to liaison for corporations focusing in video, audio and multi-media.

★   Trained and developed training courseware topics ranging from basic Mac OS X, iLife and iCloud to the iWork Suite, MS Office Suite, FCP, Windows and a cornucopia of corresponding Apps all using a methodology with an eye toward creativity, innovation and user friendliness.

★   Troubleshooting experience in high end networking with collaborative workflow systems, large networking environments, individual mobile devices and a plethora of home automation solutions.  

Media Star Philosophy

“Let me help you learn how to take control of your computer and put the power of technology in your hands! I seek to create enjoyable customer experiences built on trust, understanding, and learning to consistently bring people back to search for me as their tech guru, collaborator and computer specialist.” - Ricky Cortez, CEO

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