Media Star



Setup & Configuration

★   Setup new computers, configure and install applications to work across all devices.

★   Establish secure network, website, setup virus protection and parental controls.

★   Create backup plan locally and assist with disaster recovery cloud options for any budget including free options.

Diagnostics & Tune-Up

Optimize your computer's performance, get rid of old or duplicate files, update your operating system and applications. Media Star will keep you up to date!

Tech Support & troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with your computer, a program, device, phone or synching issue? Call to see if it if you just missed something, maybe it can be resolved over the phone or if you need to schedule an appointment.

Networking & Devices

Interested in that new wireless audio system, printer, smart tv, camera or nest to work with your new phone?

Backup & Restore

Ensure your photos, videos, music and documents are properly backed up locally or via cloud. Access off-site so your data can be restored in case of an emergency .

Onsite, Remote & Drop Off

Whether personal or business, onsite remote or drop off, Media Star can accommodate your needs and budget. Have your project completed by a pro!

Drop Off & Remote: $50/hr

On-Site: $60/hr, one hour minimum

Networking & Servers: $75-99/hr

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